There are no fairy tales better than
those created by life itself.
Or by God.
Kseniya Polinskaya

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In the word of nature there are wonderfull things,
creatures or plants, aren't there?
Looking at these wonders one can exclaim:
"wonderful" or "extremely beautiful!" because the wonders
of creation reveal God's Glory.
I want to begin with a question:«Do you believe in real creatures increadibly resembling fairy elves?»
If you don't I suggest you to acquaint yourself with domestic animals the
existance of which will prove you that you are mistaken.
If you believe then welcome to our site on which you have a chance
to find yourself in the world of such creatures.

I am Ksenya
and I am happy to have been touching one of these wonders of nature.
Now, my dear guests, I'd like to share my happiness with you
and I am glad to invite you to make a virtual journey around the pages
of fairy site «Curly Joy».
It's about Kiev Cattery, breeding Devon Rex.
I hope eagerly the site to be interesting, and giving pleasure as well as knowledge.

History and aims of the cattery

My cattery «Curly Joy» is registered in system WCF in March 2012.
We are breeing and popularising attractive and really fairy breed of cats - Devon Rex.
The main aim of the cattery is to breed healthy kittens as much as possible corresponding to the modern standart of the breed.
Certainly, we take care of preserving particular character and high intellect inherent to Devon Rex because we know exactly that character and intellect of posterity are hereditary.
It should be mantioned that the word "joy" was chosen not as a nice title. It is suited just for these animals because they enjoy life and gladden their owners. This breed has its own charisma and it is attractive for adults and for children as well. I managed to gain knowledge of it after acquaintance with my first cat of this breed, the ancestor of the cattery. It was white beauty Olivia. The pedigree began with her.
If you look at the photos of our pets, you'll get a convincing argument that these animals resemble elves, because the ears are like elves' ones. The eyes are big and the look is penetrating. When you touch their curly hair it is like velvet. These cats are exactly what you need. You can choose a pet and a future friend on the pages of our site. Enter our site on the section "Kittens for you".

Devon Rex and the elf are very much alike. To the surprise of everyone Devon Rex's behaviour resembles elves' behaviour as well as appearance. Legends say that «the elf is the spirit of forests which is friendly with man».
Devon Rex is friendly with people too. They are full of love and faithful to man as if the nature itself laid the foundation of these qualities. They are rather amusing and naughty. In this way of behaviour Devon Rex is more similiar to elves - pixy.
These merry creatures were characters in the film "Harry Potter" and even in the works by William Shakespear.
Would you like to take care of a friendly, tender, merry and faithful pet Devon Rex?
Then "Curly Joy" will share this joy with you. Moreover we ourselves enjoy associating with these animals. All cats live in our house and they are the members of our family having "the king's status". After all we strive to create the best accomodations for their living.
Get in touch with us according to the indicated address and I'll help you to choose a pet and answer all your questions.
Remember our telephone number because we aspire to maintain relations with the owners of our graduates in the future. Don't hesitate.
Address for council concerning bringing up or looking after these animals.
I'll glad to help you to care for your pet.

«It is said not to be fascinated by wonderfull tale, but wonderfull reality». But in a wonderful reality there is always a portion of wonder given by the nature.
If you want to find a favourite pet, it means you have love in your heart and love helps to create wonders. You can see wonders everywhere. Go on keeping this love in your heart, appreciate beauty around you. Touch this small wonder of nature that live in any flat with ordinary people.

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