Devon rex general:

The illustration shows right type of body and legs for Devon Rex.

Dеvon rex front view:

front-view-devon-rex-by-anita-whiteThe Devon Rex "Modified Wedge". Greatly Modified; the wedge should be wide at the base and short. It is also truncated and does not come to a point. The imaginary lines are overlapped by the prominent cheekbones and indented by the whisker break. These modifications are head type. The ears cannot and should not fit within the wedge.

Devon rex correct and incorrect front views:

proper-head-devon-rex-by-anita-white A nice head, proper shape and set: prounounced cheekbones and strong whisker break.
lacking-whisker-break-devon-rex-by-anita-white Lacks whisker break.
ears-set-too-high-devon-rex-by-anita-white Ears set too high on head.
base-of-ears-too-narrow-devon-rex-by-anita-white Base of ears too narrow, ears not open enough.
rounded-skull-devon-rex-by-anita-white Rounding rather than flat skull.
ears-too-small-devon-rex-by-anita-white Ears too small.

Devon rex profile view:

modified-wedge-profile-devon-rex-by-anita-whiteThe Devon Rex "Modified Wedge" Profile. In profile, the imaginary wedge must be extrapolated well beyond the actual head to maintain the analogy. The top of the head should be noticable flat, from the front to rear and from side to side. The planes of the forehead and jaw are nearly parallel. The nose should have an actual structural stop, and not merely an illusion based on the way the fur grows. The chin should not be receding nor prognathous.

Devon rex correct and incorrect profiles:

proper-profile-devon-rex-by-anita-white Nice profile, proper length, shape and nose stop.
head-too-long-devon-rex-by-anita-white Head too long but otherwise correct, more acceptable than too short or improper shape.
head-too-short-devon-rex-by-anita-white Head too short, should be strongly discouraged.
head-wrong-shape-devon-rex-by-anita-white Head of wrong shape, too rounded.
profile-too-straight-devon-rex-by-anita-white Profile too straight, lacks strong stop.
stop-too-strong-devon-rex-by-anita-white Stop too strong.
Source: TICA Yearbook, drawings by Anita White (cattery Anglo-Tex)